Style and ecology instead of flashy frills

Our 11 apartments for 2 to 7 people have been furnished with a great attention to detail. We have emphasized style, ecology and sustainability. Our apartments offer everything that is important for children and parents, and do so without the superfluous, garishly-colored frills, which one sometimes finds in family hotels.

Our hotel combines modern architecture and ecological building. Throughout the hotel high-quality building materials with mostly natural surfaces were installed. Loam-covered walls with integrated heating provide a healthy indoor climate. Oiled larch wood flooring and solid wood furniture create a special cozy atmosphere.

Our commitment to build in the Weimar Old Town, in the midst of the classic UNESCO World Heritage site, ecologically sustainable and at the same time innovative, made the hotel prize-worthy: 2013 we received the Thuringian Wood Construction Prize!

  • Living ecologically in a wooden house: exterior walls made of 34 cm thick wood panels, which were made without glue or other chemical construction products
  • No air conditioning for ventilation, instead air circulation provided by a slight exhaust air flow in the bathroom and air supply through the windows and small window slots
  • Energy production by a gas cogeneration plant in the cellar
  • Floors: oiled larch wood floorboards
  • Walls: colored loam plaster or wood treated with an ecologically safe glaze
  • Solid wood furniture
  • Electrosmog-reducing electrical installations
  • Planning and construction of the hotel by architects, designers and craftsmen from the region
  • Processing seasonal, regional, mostly organic food in the hotel restaurant